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Moon Clouds

Learning Adventures

The first step to being an active restorer of --and advocatre for-- the nigth sky is to learn more about it. Are you a member of a group? Perhaps a starry skies program would be welcome. There are so many aspects to talk about, it is easy to link to almost any interest.  

The night sky has inspired generations of humanity to tell stories — some about heroes and adventures, others about life ways or the movements of seasons and animals. Today we find ourselves in a world in which dark skies are increasingly rare, especially in urban areas, due to the growing prevalence of light pollution. Join DarkSky Advocate and Starry Skies Montana board member, Sabre Moore, to learn about the history and culture of the DarkSky movement and the effects of light pollution on human, animal and environmental health. Along the way, audiences will hear about night sky stories, gain an understanding of Montana’s Dark Sky Places, including Medicine Rocks State Park, and how they can measure light pollution by phone, and join global citizen science efforts.

Visit a Special Dark Place

Montana Dark Sky Destinations

Night Sky with Stars

2023 Astronomical Calendar

Montana's Trail to the Stars

Central Montana, Southeast Montana, Missouri River Country

Experience a different kind of nightlife in eastern Montana, where we look up at some of the darkest skies and brightest stars in the lower 48.

With remote destinations free of light pollution and millions of acres of public land, you're bound to see more stars, planets and even the Northern Lights in Big Sky Country.

Montana's Trail to the Stars spans the eastern region of Montana and includes more than 45 locations, all ideal for stargazing. Use our map below to explore and learn more about each location.

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